KenteK Services Electronics & Repairs

About me

Hello my name is Ken i am owner and operator of KenteK Services.

I have been in operation 15yrs. in electronics repair of all types as well as auto electric repair and accessory installation I am 310k certified this includes alarms remote starters and wiring diagnostics and harness repair this is included with 20yrs auto/commercial/residential glass and mirror experience and how i got if this field.

I then decided to focus my knowledge in the electronics field and computer repair and open KENTEK.

I strive to give you the services lost so many years ago in this trade with the best warranty in this business of one year.

Sales: If its junk i won't sell it and i set up all devices correctly so that i functions correctly like Kodi boxes they are not set up correctly when purchased i make them reliable and stable.

I am a developer for android since Froyo 2.2 i can root just about any android device and custom flash most.

FYI rooting dose not hurt your device it gives you access to locked areas and files allowing you to remove bloat ware apps installed by the provider or device taking up needed space for what you do need it allows you to remove ads and personalize your device. with all things you can damage something if you push it to far like over clocking but for most its not done.

Custom ROM's can make a device behave better than it was set up to from the manufacturer this is where my expertise comes in to play i can optimize every thing within the operating system from overall speed to battery speaker volume to shortcuts like holding the volume button or home for 5 seconds to engage the flash of the camera which should be default some phone don't have current updates i can create them.

Apple and windows are no different it is just done in a different way and i can do the same for them.

Game consoles are a specialty of mine i can modify or repair any system as well as cleaning overheating is an laser fails are a direct result of dust, animal fur, hair these systems are like a dirt devil without a filter and clog everything, maintenance is the key to long term use; Cleaning service is available as well as repairs.

Please feel free to call text or email me for information, prices and booking.